1) Be creative with what you say and how you converse. It’s nothing worse than not knowing how to hold an interesting conversation.

2) Stay true to yourself and your character. A Gemini love people who are able to be who they truly are around any and everyone. Don’t hide. Be yourself.

3) Be honest. Honesty is associated with trust. Not only do you have to be honest with your Gemini, but you have to be honest with yourself. A Gemini can’t stand when someone has to lie.

4) Be strong minded and have ambition. Gemini’s want you to have a strong desire to set and achieve every goal possible.

5) Know how to take a joke. Your Gemini can be very playful and can say some things that others might consider harsh or rude. Know how to take a joke and be free-spirited. Don’t take everything too seriously.

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