The planet Mercury dominates all people that are born under the sign of Gemini. Mercury, or Hermes, is the messenger of the Gods and well known for his communicative skills and knowledge. This planet symbolizes children and games, so people born in this zodiac sign keep their youthful look and fresh spirit, even when they are older. The zodiac sign description, for Gemini, is that they are communicative, charming, eloquent and open to experience different pleasures in life.




Gemini – Personality Traits

Most of the people born in this zodiac sign are a combination of beauty, talent and charm. And the interesting thing is that almost all of them are talkative, agile and ready to party at any time. Being spontaneous, their positive energy and mental flexibility contribute to being most popular in their group of friends. Because they hate solitude, they easily make friends, and are members of clubs or organizations which stimulate them intellectually.




Gemini have a strong psychophysical energy, which causes them to be active, open to travel, make new friends and share ideas. These people love their freedom and independence, so they rarely connect with possessive, jealous and conservative people. Their problems arise from their constant need to flirt. Because of their curious nature, they always want to try out everything that is new and unusual. They can be unfaithful, if they are constantly ignored, underestimated or disrespected by their partner.




Gemini – Beliefs and Tendencies

The philosophical astrology description, for people born under the sign of Gemini, is that they talk more, but act less. Because of this, they don’t have the courage to initiate radical changes in love or to surrender to the erotic temptations. Their penetrating mentality helps them notice other people’s weaknesses. However, they rarely make any deep analysis and don’t allow perfectionism and pettiness to overcome their true self. They aren’t slaves to prejudice and with their cosmopolitan soul and open-minded approach, they accept other people for who they really are, without trying to change their characters. The saying “Live your life and let others live theirs”, best describes this zodiac sign.




Gemini Women

Women born in this sign don’t show too many emotions, but this doesn’t make them heartless. Their emotional openness depends on the degree of closeness with their partner and the trust they have in them. When they are truly in love, they love their partner passionately and without any doubt. They know how to emphasize their ego and yearn for glamorous and sensational behaviour. They have a lot of desires and different ideas and because of this they rarely concentrate their psychophysical energy in one specific goal, but in more goals and activities in life. The fast pace in life divides their energy and because of this, they are absent-minded and their action is impractical. Because of this, they can’t finish their tasks in time and other people see them as irresponsible, unstable and unreliable.




Gemini Men

The zodiac sign description, for men born under the sign of Gemini, portrays them as fast learners. They easily remember a lot of details and are well known for their power of perception. Thanks to all these features they can easily overcome many problematic situations. Highly intelligent and capable to do many things at once. However, because of their exhausted mentality and the incapability to set their priorities straight, they aren’t very efficient and they don’t finish their plans on time.




The negative astrology description is that they waste their energy on unimportant things. They can’t see the root of the matter and because of this many of their talents stay hidden or partially hidden. Gemini often lack persistency. Because of this, they easily get bored and move their ambitions to something new and exciting. They can be fun, charming and great partners to those who appreciate openness of the mind, spontaneous spirit and physical attractiveness. Gemini-born aren’t resentful and they never intent to overpower or hurt other people. They think fast and logically and can’t stand to be around inactive and boring people, who can’t express or show their emotions.





The Key to Success, According to Gemini:

  • Laughing improves the mood and sets us free from the strains.
  • Work on your body to strengthen the soul, be active in order to release stress.
  • Learn from the mistakes that other people have made, but mostly from your own.
  • Vices are a weakness to the soul and the body.
  • Solitude is unbearable for those who crave a spiritual connection with other people.




  • Those with many talents and who know how to fulfil them achieve complete happiness.
  • People that aren’t ready to love themselves are less likely to love others.
  • Every misery starts with high expectations and demands, but you achieve harmony with the elimination of the unreal desires and requests.

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