Gemini After Breakup:
While going through all types of emotions, of course, they may be distant from everyone, reflecting and reminiscing on their relationship for a bit, but will not dwell on the past for far too long.

Gemini After Argument:
They will probably be thinking, “Wow, was that me?” while regretting their temper. They will, however, be glad that they were able to get their point across.

Gemini After Reaching New Goal:
They may settle for a bit, but will quickly set new goals to reach. A Gemini will not settle when it comes to their goals and achievements, especially when they feel they can achieve more. They like to reach for the stars.

Gemini After Finding a New Friend:
When it comes to new friends, or even new boyfriends or girlfriends, a Gemini will do all they can to show you that they are there for you, and you only. You will find them being extremely genuine and caring.

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