What a Gemini loves

  • A Gemini loves happiness, warmth and laughter. They love the feeling of being comforted by those who means the most to them.. It’s a feeling like no other. They love dreaming of what’s perfect for them, and that perfect scenario. They love listening to their favorite music, and finding someone else who agrees to the beat or lyrics.. They love eating and devouring all of their favorite foods, snacks and drinks; just feed them and they’ll be happy. They love conversing and finding great conversation, maturity, and understanding people. A Gemini would take happiness and love over hatred and cloudiness any day.

What a Gemini hates

  • A Gemini hates disrespect, discontentment and the feeling of being uncomfortable. They hate it when someone doesn’t know how to have fun or when someone literally takes everything seriously.. If you don’t know how to hold a mature conversation or keep them entertained, a Gemini will hate you, maybe. They hate being pushed into doing something they don’t want to do.. They hate it most when they’re not giving the opportunity to explain themselves at all or fully. I can go on and on.
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