I told you all that this year is all about investing and making good financial decisions. I want to help you guys out by giving you a few pointers. This is for all my fellow Gemini’s. I’m here to not only tell you about yourself, but ways to better yourself as well. Follow the 3 steps below so we can all prosper and be great in 2018. 

TIP #1: Earlier today I found out about this app on my phone that gives me money to practically do anything. I was super inspired to make this post and share it with you guys because I honestly made $700 dollars in my sleep last night. Go to https://link.dosh.cash/MuaKFMVRVK download the app and be sure to link your card to receive $5 just to start. This is tip 1 because this is the easiest way to gain!

TIP #2: Split your income! One for saving, and one for spending. Earlier this year I made the beautiful decision to split my income. Once I receive my check from my job, half of it automatically goes into my savings and half goes into my checkings. Also, remember that it is also about self-discipline! Be in control of your money, do not let your money control you.

TIP #3: Say no if you feel you need to say no. A lot of people often find themselves spending money that could be invested, but knowingly ignoring the fact that they could be tripling or doubling their money in some way. Brainstorm and do your research!

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