• Gemini: Deadpool.


    Are Gemini personalities heroes or anti-heroes? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. They resemble the duality of superheroes like Deadpool. Smart talking, rude, oversexed, you enjoy the rapid fire world and need a hero with a badass name. Deadpool’s powers of regeneration are perfect for Geminis who typically get frustrated when things grow or heal too slowly for their liking. Team this power with lightening hand to hand combat and constant trash talking and Gemini could save the universe in the blink of an eye.

  • Gemini can seem to be difficult to approach, but once you get to know them, they are very different from their first impression
  • Gemini is a strong, caring person who has undergone a lot of knocks.
  • As a Gemini you easily become absent-minded and lose focus when something new grabs your attention
  • When provoked, a Gemini will chew your ass up and spit you out
  • You think karma is a bitch? piss off a gemini game over
  • Why You’re Still Single

    Gemini: If cheating is a pattern in your relationships, it may be that Gemini trait coming out. Dating a Gemini can be confusing for his or her partner if the Gemini reinvents his or her personality too often, which can send pursuers running for the hills.

  • How To Attract Different Zodiac Signs

    Gemini: Dress nice or sharp to impress. Our physical appearance says a lot about the person we are and it affects the image of the person we’re with. Looks also capture the attention so dress appropriately but also comfortably.

  • Which Sign is your biggest Heart breaker?

    As a Gemini Your Biggest Heart breaker: Taurus

  • Zodiac Mythical Races

    Gemini: Fairies-Small magical creatures often depicted with butterfly, or insect wings. Are known to be small in stature and mischievous in nature. They cannot lie but they have been known to be very persuasive with their words.

  • The Endearing and Annoying Things About Each Sign
    Endearing: A Gemini will always verbally express their feelings about everything. If they love you, you will hear about it constantly and feel like you have a #1 fan.
    Annoying: Gemini has a tendency to act as if they know so much about what you’re talking about, even if they don’t.
  • Awkward Situations of Zodiac Signs
    Gemini : It’s hard to find a Gemini in an awkward situation, but when they are they aren’t happy about it. They’re probably more angry than embarrassed. They expect their lives to be perfect and they don’t make mistakes. Especially embarrassing ones.
  • The Ideal Date For Your Sign
    Gemini: Seeing A Documentary (And Discussing It Afterwards).Geminis love to be engaged in something and learn new things. Take them for a night out to see that mind blowing new documentary, and don’t forget to schedule ample time afterwards to sip cocktails and debrief every aspect of the movie in detail!

  • one thing that goes unnoticed a lot about gemini is how protective they are about the people they care about
  • geminis are usually well-informed and have no problem giving you a lesson or two on a subject
  • geminis are not quick to judge they are open minded
  • gemini mind is continuously racing with the most random shit
  • as well as wanting thrills and adventure in a relationship gemini also craves for security and stability
  • geminis dont have time to sit and mope there’s always something to get into
  • as a gemini your talents are far greater than some people realize
  • if a gemini don’t like you they will act like you don’t exist
  • shit that gets a geminis irritated: when they are not allowed to speak their mind
  • i’m mad at you but i’m not going to say anything more because you’re going to have to figure it out yourself – gemini
  • even if a gemini’s world is falling apart they will put on a smile and just act like nothing is wrong
  • as a gemini, you are always on the move – intellectually, romantically, physically and spiritually
  • people call geminis troublemaker but in reality they are just someone who speaks the truth and wont put up with your shit
  • as a gemini you like to go with the flow but you often find yourself with people trying to control you or trying to keep you down
  • geminis may appear disorganized but there is a method to their madness
  • gemini dont like being compared to they were selfmade never duplicated
  • gemini young heart young mind
  • gemini is well rounded they can discuss almost anything with you
  • a gemini can go from grumpy to happy in seconds
  • geminis dont agonize over setbacks but rather focus on finding a solution
  • under the surface geminis dont trust their own emotions so they hide them
  • geminis can always indirectly convince people to do what they want
  • geminis like being there for people because they know what it feels like having no one there at difficult times
  • gemini is one of the best signs to hangout with but also frustrating to argue with
  • geminis can show you incredible things
  • gemini wants to experience everything out there so their company is never boring

  • gemini’s worst trait: flighty
  • geminis get easily irritated
  • geminis ideal first date: a coffee shop
  • geminis love open discussions
  • geminis provide knowledge
  • gemini is the crazy one
  • geminis love to spend money
  • an upset gemini can be though to handle
  • geminis can be the nicest people till you cross them, then the other face shows
  • gemini notices everything they just act like they dont
  • gemini often lose patience with scorpio
  • geminis are genuine people at heart
  • gemini is always pushing the limits to what they can get away with
  • cancer keeps gemini guessing
  • gemini definitely knows how to turn a negative situation around
  • gemini will communicate in language and body
  • gemini’s mind is always changing directions
  • geminis love deeply even if they dont always show
  • geminis have best sense of humor
  • gemini will never put up with a clingy partner
  • gemini’s worst enemy is lack of focus
  • gemini woman breaks more heart than other women in the zodiac
  • gemini is a challenge to keep up with
  • gemini may care but they dont always show
  • geminis need to go to bed on time
  • once a gemini stops caring you have fucked up
  • gemini will never surrender
  • geminis are very funny and cute
  • geminis are more clever than others
  • geminis are quite lucky in love
  • some of geminis best kisses and hugs are with aquarius
  • gemini yearns to find a relationship that will last the test of time
  • geminis dont handle emotional matters very well
  • when a gemini is done with you there is no coming back
  • gemini mind is made to learn new things constantly
  • geminis are vivacious
  • it takes a special kind of person to get a gemini to really settle down
  • never try to change a gemini
  • geminis are able to hide their stress extremely well
  • first thing that comes to a gemini’s mind: lets have fun
  • gemini rarely start a fight unless they feel provoked
  • geminis get irritated by ignorant people
  • gemini will not wait for someone to do anything for them
  • gemini appreciate everything regret nothing
  • geminis may have a cold surface but they have a warm heart
  • no other sign has the emotional strength of gemini
  • geminis will always find a way
  • gemini is a flirt
  • geminis are super confident in who they are and have no need to be jealous or insecure
  • geminis are sensitive but hides it with humor
  • geminis are often misunderstood
  • gemini qualities: thinking and talking
  • a gemini can let you into their lives and hearts but only the worthy people stay there
  • if you get  gemini to stay still long enough to love you feel honored
  • i am gemini because i am independent
  • all a gemini wants from you is little understanding
  • geminis are always craving for someone to laugh with
  • geminis have high standards whether its the people they date their grades or jobs
  • geminis want relationship where you two go on roadtrips and be silly together in public
  • advice for geminis : learn to settle down and focus your attention on one thing at a time
  • if you need mental stimulation you go to a gemini
  • gemini requires a lot of attention or you get a lot of attitude
  • what gives a gemini joy: being able to have a good time without drama
  • if a gemini loves you, you will hear about it constantly and feel like you have a #1 fan
  • geminis get irritated by slow reactions to anything
  • geminis are very passionate about their dorky interests
  • gemini can read a situation or the mood of a room in the blink of an eye
  • dont be clingy and controlling a gemini will run in fear
  • gemini are patient enough to wait for what they want instead of just settling on the first thing
  • gemini likes to show off their brains rather than their bodies
  • it frustrates gemini when someone can’t take a joke and ends up making everything awkward
  • geminis get some of your best ideas from libra
  • the gemini is thoughtful and considerate of others feelings and are very forgiving but don’t cross them, you will regret it
  • choose a gemini, if you want a lifelong friend or lover
  • how to get on geminis good side: make them laugh
  • as politicians: geminis know how to connect with the crowd thanks to their great social skills
  • some people call geminis a troublemaker, but in reality, they’re just someone who speaks truth and won’t put up with your shit
  • gemini’s biggest problem in a friendship relationship is being inconsistent
  • when geminis is in a bad mood, may become unresponsive moody jerks
  • geminis are the most talkative sign, but they only talk to who they choose
  • nothing is more annoying to gemini than being asked “what’s wrong?” over and over again
  • geminis are known flirts but once they are attached to someone they become blind to the rest of the world
  • a gemini is more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people
  • geminis are not hard to please, but the can be difficult to handle
  • gemini most compatible: aquarius, libra,aries, leo,
  • gemini’s trust: hard to get, easy to lose simple as that
  • the way to a gemini’s heart is through their head.
  • geminis represent all things good & evil
  • as flirtatious as they can be, geminis do not do temporary relationships they are either all in or out
  • a gemini will go from “i like you” to “fuck you” all in a matter of seconds so don‘t piss them off
  • small things that mean a lot to gemini: cute texts, tight hugs, long replies, holding hands, remembering the little things
  • geminis are able to see the bigger picture and are capable of having a million dollar in their bank account if they put their minds to a thing
  • gemini mouth automatically says “fuck” when something wrong happens. they can’t help it
  • even though gemini don’t express it frequently, they constantly crave attention from the people they care about
  • how you know gemini like you: they will call you a lot, text you at weird times and share more of their private life with you, they naturally flirt but they will make you feel extra special
  • you must catch a gemini’s mind before you catch their heart, their mind is the hearts key
  • gemini never age and their sex is never boring
  • once a gemini feels like you’re trying to take away their control, they start to distance themselves
  • geminis are enthusiast about everything in their life
  • why you may find it difficult to be with this sign: they never finish what they start
  • gemini is a simple person who hides a thousand feelings behind the happiest smile
  • if you leave a gemini guessing, they will likely overthink and it can backfire on you.
    simply put, tell them whats going on
  • once you have the heart a gemini, you will experience one of the deepest loves possible
  • even though a gemini is sitting still, their mind is racing from one thing to another
  • geminis are magicians with words they definitely have a way of twisting what you said around so arguing with them is pointless
  • passionate and dynamic, a gemini is a stick of dynamite just waiting to go off.
  • geminis use rationalization to eliminate emotion this is because they aren’t comfortable with and don’t trust feelings and emotions
  • a gemini tends to be different from any other kind of person you’ve met before
  • the gemini will decide if they like someone or not just minutes after meeting them.
    they don‘t mean to be harsh this way—they’re just picky
  • if a gemini is mad at you, and they tell you so and yell about it – that shows they still care. if they are mad at you, and stay silent about it that means they’ve decided you aren’t worth your time anymore
  • geminis love deeply even if they don’t always show it
  • geminis are the clever ones with a question to everything
  • one of gemini’s favorite thing to do is “people watch”, to sit back and analyze peoples behavior and try to figure them out
  • gemini doesn’t need any promise, they just need you to prove it
  • although gemini’s do hide their emotions, one thing they will never do is pretend to feel something they don’t feel
  • geminis are so verbally smooth that even if they do not know what they are talking about, they can make you think that they do
  • geminis get annoyed very quickly with people who lack common sense.
  • you have an instant love/hate vibe with taurus
  • gemini make a great friend because they can be your partner in crime.
  • geminis like movies and books that keep them mentally engaged
  • geminis tend to be pretty cool with everyone as long as they don’t have a shady personality
  • if geminis are looking for someone as nonchalant as you are then choose aquarius
  • with a gemini, make sure that there are no awkward silences in between the conversations because that’s the quickest way to lose them.
  • when high: gemini gets creative and hungry (of course) so they create a wild concoction in the kitchen with glee
  • geminis are good at keeping everyone entertained
  • what works for geminis: late night phone conversations
  • annoying things geminis say: l don’t care
  • geminis would rather die than lose their dignity
  • geminis are always craving for an adventure
  • gemini described in one word: spectacular
  • gemini woman are ideal combination of beauty with brains
  • gemini females are the true independent woman

  • more than anything a gemini needs a strong mental connection with someone and they don’t find this too often in life

  • as busy as they can be, geminis are able to put aside what’s going on in their world and always be there when needed.
  • behind a gemini’s cheerful and carefree attitude is someone that can be going through so much but still try to make others happy
  • the more you force something on a gemini, the more annoyed they would get, and then they not gonna try it at all
  • with a gemini you sometimes get sweet and adorable on one side
    and on the other side, you get crazy and moody
  • geminis are good at changing subjects halfway through the conversation
  • geminis are the ones who can make sense of what is going on in the midst of the most chaotic situations
  • gemini can make a great teacher, lawyers, and politicians.
    they’re great at telling both sides of the story.
  • i want years, not weeks
    i want real, not fake
    i want arguments, no secrets
    i wanna be held down, not let down
    – a gemini –
  • when gemini feels neglected and lonely they reach out for kindred spirits and shared interests to pass the time
  • as a gemini you get distracted easily so 99% of the time someone has to fight to keep your attention
  • being the most inquisitive gemini is good at asking you all kinds of crazy questions
  • if i ever loved you i’ll always love you that’s how i was raised
    – a gemini –
  • never tell a gemini to remain silent
  • as a gemini, you know how to be yourself in a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else
  • a gemini’s mind is too deep for you to understand
  • gemini cannot sit or stand still long
  • a gemini needs a lover who can take a joke and know how to have fun every now and then
  • a gemini is wild!
    they seem to have very sudden outbursts of energy at random times
  • gemini will never cry themselves to sleep over someone who does not want them
  • gemini can go through periods where they feel depressed and antisocial for what seems to be no reason at all
  • a gemini can deal with a lot of things, but they can’t deal with someone that’s insecure and want them to stay in the house all the time
  • your gemini friend will be a great person t0 go t0
    when you are down they listen and will make you feel better
  • crazy, sexy, and cool.
    geminis know how to turn our world upside down
  • geminis are the genius badass
  • gemini will usually fight till their point or self-explained statement make it’s way across everyone ears
  • if you’re in love with a gemini you should go ahead and tell them they like hearing that stuff
  • if geminis don’t like you they will act like you don’t exist
  • if a gemini gets lied to they walk away from that person
  • geminis see things in a different way than most people
  • gemini looks for the easiest way possible why make things complicated?
  • gemini like to stay alert and active so sitting around doing nothing really irritates them
  • gemini is definitely the sign that don’t know if they want to love you or leave you
  • gemini is turned on by someone who is very funny
  • gemini enjoys simple food they enjoy a lot of things plain and simple
  • sometimes geminis set so distracted and don’t even notice that they didn’t respond back don’t take it as them being heartless
  • geminis make great texting buddies but if they see you can’t hold a conversation they will read your text message and not respond
  • geminis love learning new things ano explain these concepts to anyone who will listen
  • geminis don’t fear love, they fear falling in love with the wrong person
  • geminis can convince you of anything they are very persuasive and often get the last word
  • geminis are the person everyone is waiting to see when school returns because they often look forward to your jokes
  • i’ll annoy the crap out of you because i love you – gemini
  • as a gemini people seem to forget how wise ano thoughtful you can be at times
  • a gemini needs someone who will understand them and who won’t feel awkward in moments of pure silence
  • a gemini is vulnerable to losing the ability to live life to the fullest
  • geminis don’t like it when they’re wrong so they try to express their opinions in ways you don’t know how to reply to
  • geminis are the most expressive with aquarius
  • it doesn’t take much for geminis to get sidetracked as their curiosity is large and their minds are quick
  • gemini likes to go with the flow but you often find yourself with people trying to control you or trying to keep you down
  • gemini like to talk things out and then approach the issue at another time when you have a different mindset
  • gemini knows that there’s too much out there to stick to one thing so you like to explore your options
  • no matter how many moods gemini can be experiencing at once you never allow that to get it your way of having fun
  • gemini, stay consistent with your words.
    this will make it easier for people to have a better understanding of your motives
  • gemini gets angry when people force them to sit and endure really uninteresting things
  • gemini make this your goal:
    to trust yourself and your intuition
  • date a gemini if you want someone who you can be goofy with but also have deep conversations with
  • when things get tough they talk it out and try to find ways to lighten up the mood with jokes
  • gemini know how to be flexible and see good opportunities through rather than letting them slip through your fingers
  • you have a passion for going fast but you have to remember that not everyone can keep up with your level of energy
  • gemini will do anything except be bored. they hate that
  • a tired gemini can be like a train wreck, there will be victims, there will be trauma and there will be a mess to clean up
  • when dating a gemini don’t expect much peace and quiet
    be ready for a constant string of never ending questions
  • when something is on gemini’s mind you might speak up or might hold in
    it really depends on the situation and your mood
  • gemini is happiest when pursuing their passions
  • gemini’s dark side:
    emotionally unstable
  • gemini love making surprises and making your jaw drop
  • gemini wants someone that’s outgoing but instead find themselves getting someone that’s possessive
  • a gemini is a night owl and could wake up in the morning and still have energy
  • a gemini is a cross between drunk and a genius
  • there are too many things that run through a gemini’s head so when you’re with them be prepared for anything
  • how to make gemini smile:
    show that you can relate to them they tend to feel misunderstood a lot of the time
  • a gemini does not get bothered by much but won’t tolerate anyone who disturbs their peace of mind
  • a hurt stressed or all around annoyed gemini will shut everything and everyone out
  • gemini girls go through about 76 different emotions a day
    she might love you at 9:03 & wanna stab you in the throat at 9:15
  • once you hurt a gemini and burned bridges with them they will never feel the same about you or trust you 100%
  • something about a capricorn that keeps a gemini from walking away
    must be the mysterious mind
  • gemini at work has several tasks pending at once
  • geminis are really friendly, but they may have a difficult time letting people in the deeper parts of themselves
    most people only touch the surface and only those who are truly close to them see their depth
  • gemini have the bad habit of not finishing what you start because you get distracted so easily
  • sometimes it can feel like a gemini is being wishy-washy instead of being straight with you
  • geminis are very personable so it’s easy for people to approach you about anything
  • gemini is completely faithful and really stubborn but honest when they’re in love
  • gemini notices everything, they just act like they don’t
  • gemini biggest flaws
    really, really self-conscious even though they know they shouldn’t be
  • gemini is a secret manipulator
    they always get their own way without a scene
  • a gemini knows what it takes to win an argument or get people to see things their way
  • geminis can be inconsistent when it comes to love
  • how to gain geminis sign’s respect:
    don’t be afraid to speak your mind or embrace any challenge.
  • as a gemini you’re never the type to chase anyone if someone doesn’t want to be in your life you simply let them fade away
  • geminis always make a conscious effort to change your routine every now and then so you discover new places and new people
  • a gemini intellect is quite apparent and most of the time, envied by those around them
  • they have no verbal impulse control and will dominate the whole conversation if you don’t speak up
  • being so outgoing you have to be more alert and careful about who you open up to.
  • it’s difficult for you to settle on one choice because you mull over every option you have
  • one minute you’re talkative, and the next minute you don’t want to be bothered at all which often leaves people confused
  • don’t leave a gemini to assume too much.
    their mind is in constant overdrive, so your best bet is to make things as clear as possible
  • a gemini doesn’t have to try hard to be funny
    it comes naturally to them and they like to treat those around them to a good time
  • as a gemini, you make an awesome friend and will never forget the people who were there for you when you needed them the most
  • gemini can probably get away with murder with their innocent looks
  • geminis are not here to please everyone, only the people they do actually give a fuck about
  • as a gemini, you re always on the move – intellectually, romantically, physically and spiritually
  • gemini doesn’t mind being asked to do something but telling them to do something is not the way to go
  • geminis usually, conceal their emotions with humor and try to seem happy all the time, even when they feel crappy
  • under the surface gemini :
    don’t trust their own emotions, so they hide them
  • gemini asks the questions everyone else is afraid to ask
  • as happy and good-natured as gemini can be, they often deal with feeling empty. they feel like something is absent in their life but are not sure what exactly.
  • gemini has a hard time letting people in sometimes because they fear that once a connection is made, something may go wrong
  • gemini is monogamous and takes their romantic love relationships very seriously.
    gemini people enjoy life more when they are in a committed relationship where they can have someone to share life and all their quirkiness with
  • geminis are most likely to double text before you can even respond back
  • as a gemini sometimes you confuse even the people who know you best
  • you know when a gemini is happy because they sing, whistle or even jump
  • cheat on a gemini and you lose someone that is respectful of your personal boundaries while at the same time being close physically
  • how geminis rattle people’s nerves:
    at times it seems like you care and then other times it seems like you don’t give a fuck
  • a gemini would try to talk their way out of something instead of walking away with a loss even if it gets them into more trouble
  • as a gemini, your talents are far greater than some people realize
  • when a gemini is stressed, they like to be alone and confined to their thoughts
  • things people often forget about a gemini:
    they are very determined and consistent
  • gemini is very independent and would rather handle their own business than ask for help
  • if you’re not going to follow through with your promises, then don‘t promise anything to a gemini or give them the comfort to rely on you.
  • geminis try to drown their own issues out with good times and long talks so they’re never alone with their own thoughts
  • geminis always have ’identity issues’ simply because there are so many different personalities within them
  • a gemini can brighten up a whole room full of people and teach them something new at the same time
  • playing a gemini is not a good idea.
    before you decide your 2nd move they’re on their 5th
  • when a gemini loses interest, they will ignore you until you feel like you do not exist anymore
  • gemini will give you the world in a silver platter until you show them you’re not worthy
  • geminis need clear communication in their relationships and are very irritated without it
  • a gemini will always maintain a sense lie wonder and a genuine enthusiasm for life
  • gemini’s mind is continuously racing with the most random shit
  • a gemini is going to throw their opinion in regardless if you asked them or not
  • as a gemini even though you’re independent, you still like to be around lots of people
  • gemini live for freedom and hate anything that ties them down
  • a gemini is strong enough to handle whatever the world throws at them
  • when gemini get caught up in their feelings they can be sarcastic
  • geminis are good at changing decisions in the middle of something important
  • geminis are great at coming up with ideas in the split. if you don’t have a plan, they will find something
  • being a gemini is just as confusing for them as it is for those who know one
  • gemini likes beauty with brains, their partner should be intelligent enough to challenge them
  • the downside to being friends with them:
    they’re inconsistent
  • geminis are very good at comforting people and making them smile
  • as a gemini, you constantly get a rep when it comes to relationships but you can be very loyal when you find someone you really like.
  • sometimes geminis talk too much that it’s hard for anyone to get a word in when they have a conversation with you
  • gemini’s negative trait:
    it’s hard for them to stay dedicated to one thing for a long time
  • for gemini what’s done is done.
    they hate when someone brings up an issue again and again in an unrelated argument.
  • gemini, whether you’re ranting, babbling, or just having a plain conversation you never cease to entertain us
  • when gemini care about someone you always put in 100%,
    but when you stop caring it’s like the person never existed.
  • geminis often have so much to say, so when they get really quiet, there’s a lot on their mind and they just don’t know how to process it.
  • gemini don’t like staying quiet about people they dislike and not the type to pretend like they’re cool with you either.
  • shit that gets a gemini irritated :
    when they are not allowed to speak their mind
  • people might be surprised to know that it’s the little things that make gemini happy.
  • gemini, if you put your energy into something
    that won’t give you anything back,
    all you will get for it is exhaustion and tension
  • loving a gemini is both a complicated and rewarding experience.
    they know how to test you but also now to love you like no other.
  • if gemini catches you lying they will never trust you again
  • when things get tough they talk out and try to find ways to lighten up the mood with jokes
  • gemini make this your goal:
    to trust yourself and your intuition
  • gemini gets angry when people force them to sit & endure really uninteresting things
  • gemini is very hard to please and gets bored easily
  • you never stress yourself out over people who don’t keep in touch
    you just fly through life as carefree as possible
  • as a gemini whenever people see you they light up with joy because of all the happiness that you will bring into their lives
  • gemini own the night because they know how to party
    they ain’t scared to get a little wild
  • gemini know that almost all of the good things happen at night
  • as a gemini you always know how to work your magic when it comes to getting someone to like you
  • geminis suffer from moodiness however they hide this from close friends and family as they want to appear happy all the time
  • gemini family member:
    is sarcastic and teasing
    they are good at getting you in trouble but also good at getting you out of trouble
  • how to make geminis feel loved:
    show interest in all of their many adventures
  • geminis have a tendency to talk over you but they can’t help it if you don’t have anything interesting to say
  • fixing a date can be tough will be more worried about career
    catch up with friends, have fun
  • don’t expect for a gemini to respond back to your text if all you’re going to say is okay
  • when something is on your mind you might speak up or might hold it in
    it really depends on the situation and your mood
  • a gemini thoughts:
    i just wanna have fun
  • gemini doesn’t look at incompatibility as other signs do they are capable of making any friendship or relationship work
  • geminis never let personal matters slow you down or put a damper on your mood
  • the real underlying cause of your anxiety
    what may start out as a small, manageable problem can morph into a huge one for gemini, causing you stress and don’t have to fix everything yourself — it’s not only ok to ask for help, it’s imperative. you have a huge support system, so why
    not let them relieve some of the burden?
  • a gemini bad habit is losing interest before they can give the other person a chance
  • geminis are a very playful person and it doesn’t take much to get you to the point where you no longer give a fuck
  • the type of people a gemini can’t fuck with: people who call and then proceed to put you on hold
  • geminis flexible nature helps you adjust to last minute inconveniences that may come up
  • geminis learn be experiencing life and not by being a bystander
  • geminis would rather believe the best in people or situations than know the disappointing truth about them
  • a gemini is the type of lover that’s a mixture between being goofy & being serious
  • a gemini can let you into their lives and hearts the worth people stay there
  • geminis are usually well-informed and have no problem giving you a lesson or two on a subject
  • geminis may be overly emotional at times, but won’t let you see that
  • a gemini is the most versatile out of the air signs
  • once a gemini do commit, they have a way of keeping you at a distance
  • as a gemini you always know how to work your magic when it comes to getting someone to like you
  • most common lie of geminis: “i’ll be there in 5 minutes”
  • gemini will often forget about themselves in a relationship and do all they can for their partner
  • gemini adores a heatedly good argument,not to inflict insults or to dominate but simply as a magnificent workout for the brain
  • leo’s some of the best nights are spent with gemini
  • gemini’s some of the best nights are spent with aries
  • a gemini is always the cheerful one out of the group
  • gemini is definitely the type to have their phone out constantly and you still may never get a text back because they get distracted so easily
  • gemini’s wit and charm will get you far,
    whether it’s negotiating a salary or trying to get a loan
  • gemini’s evil side:
    they will spill all of your secrets because when they start talking, they don’t know when to stop
  • dating a gemini is like dating 2 people
    today they can tell you how much they love you, but later might call to cancel your date
  • cancer’s most heated arguments are with gemini
  • gemini’s most heated arguments are with virgo
  • reasons to marry them:
    a gemini is funny,charming and knows how to turn a bad day into an adventure
  • you must catch a gemini’s mind before you catch their heart
    their mind is the hearts key
  • geminis are enthusiastic about everything in their life
  • gemini tend to be pretty cool with everyone as long as they don’t have a shady personality.
  • if a gemini is looking for someone as nonchalant as you are then choose aquarius
  • when high geminis gets creative and hungry (of course) so they create a wild concoction in the kitchen with glee
  • gemini smiles at the bitches who hate them
  • gemini’s trust: hard to get, easy to lose simple as that
  • it takes a lot for a gemini to cry. when a gemini is crying, we’re crying because something serious happened, or our heart is just overflowing with negative energy
  • gemini = independent
  • a gemini can just skim through a book, and still school you on it.
    their mind is that fly.
  • gemini thinks too much.
  • geminis love to prove people wrong.
  • geminis want someone that’s always bringing something new to the table when you least expect it
  • as a gemini, you pick up on things quickly,
    but then later down the road, you lose interest just as quickly.
  • the air signs gemini, libra, aquarius possess a quick wit and often dazzling sense of humor
  • gemini believes there is no better night than one with family or friends
  • gemini’s best date nights with: aries and leo.
  • as a gemini you love yourself enough not come off as desperate
  • geminis don’t get caught up in negative feedback
  • geminis need someone who is :
    patient and okay with change they also need someone who can help them focus
  • gemini hates:
    slow web pages, slow talkers, the microwave taking too long
    all things they have to wait for
  • a gemini is someone who respects your choices and knows how to keep a smile on your face
  • how to make geminis happy :
    make them laugh and take them on an adventure that they will never forget
  • when annoyed gemini would either play it off as a joke or go 0 t0 100 before you even know
  • geminis can bring crazy ideas into reality
  • gemini + libra :
    chemistry at first sight
  • when a gemini is having a good day they brighten up everyone else’s day
  • geminis may appear outgoing and bubbly but they are actually very shy people and can get nervous quiet easily
  • hardest thing for gemini :
    following routines
    they like to do their own thing even if that can be little crazy sometimes
  • gemini  nervous flirtatious communicative
  • eyes of a philosopher.
    geminis always look thoughtful as if they have so much on their mind
  • when a gemini is finally tired trying
    they will just leave.
    no fight, no argument and sometimes not even a goodbye
  • they can be a handful but they can open doors for you an make you think about things and question the unknown
  • when gemini are upset: they will give you short responses
  • never tell a gemini what to do because it will only make them do the opposite you will lose this fight
  • your best bet is to never try to control a gemini
  • leaving a gemini to assume what’s on ur mind or how you’re feeling is something they’d prefer not to do
  • jokes on you because gemini will never cry themselves to sleep over someone who does not want them
  • it’s easy to push a gemini to the point of “i don’t give a fuck anymore”
  • if you want to impress a gemini talk openly and with no constraint, they don’t want to be the only one talking
  • if you ask a gemini what their life goal is they won’t fucking know
  • how to attract gemini love match: speak your mind talk about interesting stuff be playful & spontaneous
  • how gemini say i love you they do it in a joking manner at first, but when they say it, just know they really mean it
  • gemini will simply ignore those who have upset them rather than trying to get even moving forward is their priority
  • geminis need to apply their mind, heart, and feelings to decide the best path in a given situation
  • geminis like to create a cool environment where everyone can just chill they don’t have time for the drama
  • geminis can switch their feelings just like that they can be hot with you one minute, and the next minute they don’t want you
  • gemini’s mind moves in so many directions that most of us find it hard to keep up with them
  • geminis get super annoyed very easily
  • geminis are naturally youthful charming and beautiful they don’t have to do much for people to like them
  • gemini has a twin you do not want to meet
  • gemini has a clever tongue and great communication skills
  • gemini has excellent insight into what drives human motivation
  • gemini you never force things when it comes to a relationship.
    you know if someone really wants to be with you they will make a way.
  • if you want something from a gemini just ask. don’t hint or play games. just be straight up.
  • i’m mad at you, but i’m not going to say anything more, because you’re going to have to figure it out yourself – gemini
  • as a gemini you’re more so observant and a listener than the chatterbox people make you out to be.
  • a gemini on the outside is great with their comebacks, but on the inside are often confused by all the thoughts running through their head
  • you just get this vibe from a gemini that they’re great people to be around.
  • when a gemini is really feeling you they will invite you everywhere and be really goofy around you
  • a gemini is that one friend that will definitely get you in trouble.
    they can be really goofy and good at pulling pranks.
  • gemini’s anger is all words, particularly big words and they will know the right things to say to hurt you the most.
  • a gemini always have something smarter, meaner, funnier, or just better to say
  • let’s be honest, a gemini can go from grumpy to happy in a matter of seconds
  • geminis are sunshine mixed with a little hurricane
  • with a gemini it’s either a hit or miss. they either can vibe with you, or they can’t stand your ass
  • geminis are very creative and will always keep you on your toes
  • geminis try to drown their own issues out with fun times and long talks so they’re never alone with their own thoughts
  • communication and plenty of time spent together is a must for a gemini
  • gemini loves beauty with brains, their partner should be intelligent enough to challenge them
  • while geminis can be difficult to love they are some of the most amazing people
  • the dual nature of a gemini means that they’re often working, against their own best interests
  • what a gemini woman  wants, she will kill to get
  • once you have the heart a gemini,you will experience one of the deepest loves possible
  • one part of a gemini wants to give up while the other keeps on going
  • you may not think geminis care, but you can trust them inside out
  • gemini can bring light to situations would otherwise be kept in darkness
  • gemini’s road to happiness: finding establishment by creating something that you can be proud of
  • geminis move quickly, so don’t be slow or you’ll be left in the dust
  • gemini + libra
    you get your best friend
    you two share some deep conversations that last all the way into the morning.
  • advice for geminis :
    you are too intelligent to be wasting your time trying to argue with people who clearly don’t know anything
  • count on a gemini to shower you with positive energy, compliment you on a regular basis and never kick you when you’re down
  • gemini is a lover and a fighter rolled into one
  • someone that complains about everything simply won’t do for a gemini.
    they don’t need that type of negativity in their life