1. Duality

Gemini zodiac sign is symbolized by the twin. If you are a Gemini and wonder why you feel one day very social and the next day rather silent it is the typical characteristic of this zodiac sign. In their behaviors, they often show duality, characterized by prominent inconstancy. They tend to have so many different personalities and you never know who you’re gonna get.

2. Unpredictable

Because of the duality in Gemini’s nature, it can sometimes be tough to predict how they will react. Depending on their mood you can expect to get hot or cold. They are prone to mood swings and often they face a conflict between the emotions and the intellect. Twins thought to have a complex, contradictory and restless personality.

3. Confused

Gemini’s complex personality can make them feel love and hate simultaneously and they can also find it hard to distinguish between two emotions. This might leave them confused about their true feelings. They are known for being able to move on quickly as opposed to hold on to the past.

4. Restless

The biggest enemy of the Gemini-born is boredom and so they are constantly searching for new excitements and variety. They have intellectual and curious minds, enjoying different conversations and people. They are full of energy and they tend to be overachievers. This leads to anxiousness and makes them restless.

5. Lack of Persistence

Gemini-born can experience difficulty in focusing only on one project. Because they need new stimulation and new things to learn, they often find it hard to stay interested. The downside of such a curious mind can be a lack of persistence. This inconsistency is Gemini’s biggest challenge.

6. Superficial

Gemini is an Air sign and just like air it represents the movement. They need always something new and they tend to get quickly bored with the things they are doing. Gemini can have difficulties finding focus and direction in their lives. And so they often seem superficial.

7. Mistrustful

Gemini might have envious thoughts and can be mistrustful. They can make a mistake of considering a close friend as an enemy if they interpret a situation wrongly. This personality trait of the Gemini can make them suspicious even against the people closest to them. They must be careful with this bad state of mind as it can hold back their progress.

8. Changeable

Being an Air sign, Gemini has a changeable character. They are one of the most versatile and multi-talented people. Therefore they can be found having more than one career in his/her lifetime. Just like the wind they are quick at changing their direction. For people around them it can be difficult to understand what kind of a person they originally are.

9. Flirtatious

It might be difficult to find a fully committed Gemini. It is because of their curious personality, that always wants something new. Commitment is difficult for them and they can get into relations without really being serious. Gemini like to flirt around and their superficial side enjoys these flings.

10. Emotionally detached

All the Air signs are tend to be unreachable and very independent. Gemini in particular often have a hard time showing if they have a bad day. They want everyone to think that they are always happy and doing wonderfully. Only the closest friends or family can see if something bother them.