1. Wal-Mart averages a profit of $1.8 million every hour.
2. Starbucks roundtables were created specifically so customers would feel less alone.
3. One in 10 Europeans is conceived in an Ikea bed.
4. More than 80 million “mouse ears” have been sold at Walt Disney World to date.
5. The average smartphone user checks Facebook 14 times a day.
6. You can purchase large sheets of uncut U.S. currency through the mail.
7. The Volkswagen group owns Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati, and Porsche.
8. Marvel Comics once owned the rights to the word “zombie.”
9. The red and white Coca-Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population.
10. Candy Crush brings in a reported $633,000 a day in revenue.
11. Warner Music used to own the copyrights to the happy birthday but they got sued and lost them
12. If Bill Gates were a country, he’d be the 37th richest on earth.
13. More people in the world have mobile phones than toilets.
14. The Rubik’s cube is the best-selling product of all time. The iPhone is second.
15. Over 40% of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010.
16. It is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to keep a current one.
17. In 1999, Google’s founders were willing to sell the company to a web portal called Excite for under $1 million. However, Excite passed on the offer. The rest is history.
18. Best known for consumer electronics, Samsung’s other business areas include weapons manufacturing, life insurance, and theme park management.
19. Ronald Wayne, the third founder of Apple alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, sold his shares for a mere $800 after 12 days in the company. His stake, i.e. 10% of the company, would be worth $35 billion today with Apple’s current valuation.
20. The number of Mickey Mouse-related products sold per day? More than 5 million!
21. Movie theaters markup the price of popcorn by an average of 1,275 percent.

Coca-Cola and it’s red and white ribbon logo are recognized by an amazing 94% of the world’s population. However, the brand had a problem with its name when it launched in China in 1979. The kanji characters are chosen infamously translated into “bite the wax tadpole” and “female horse fastened with wax”. The company finally decided on a logo where the characters translated roughly as “delicious happiness”.

Pepsi didn’t have an easy time with Chinese translation, either. They had a huge marketing blunder with their “come alive with the Pepsi generation” slogan several years back. In Chinese, it translated as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave”.
If you think what you say to Siri on your iPhone is private, think again. Everything you say to it is sent to Apple where it is analyzed and stored for at least 2 years. Apple insists that all information stored is kept private and is only used to improve customer experience.
All employees at Amazon spend two days a year working on the customer service phone desk, including CEO Jeff Bezos. This is done so all employees can understand the customer service process the company emphasizes.
If you’ve ever sung the song “Happy Birthday” prior to 2016, you owed a royalty fee to music publisher Warner/Chappell. The company owned the copyright to the song until that date when it settled a lawsuit brought against it that placed the song in the public domain. A memorandum on the deal said it was “truly, a historic result.”
When the McDonald brothers opened their first restaurant in 1940, there were only 9 items on the menu: hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, shakes, root beer, hot coffee, an orange drink, and a cola. Today, Bloomberg says that the average McDonalds has over 145 items on its menu board.
Walmart is more than just a retail giant. Over 90% of the U.S. population is within 15 minutes of one of its stores. It accounts for 25% of the total business for the Clorox Company. More people work at Walmart than live in Houston, TX. If it were a country, it would have the 28th largest economy in the world.
Grocery store chains Aldi and Trader Joe’s are “related”. In 1946, brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht took over a small store run by their mother in Essen, Germany was known as Aldi, which is short for “Albrecht Diskont”. After a huge expansion, the brothers split the company with each taking half. Karl took Aldi Sud (South) and Theo took Aldi Nord (North). Aldi Sud operates stores in the U.S. under the ALDI name. Aldi Nord operates in the U.S. under the Trader Joe’s name. ALDI has mostly located in the eastern half of the country and Trader Joe’s in the Western half until the early 2000’s. If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see many ALDI stores close by a Trader Joe’s it’s due to a family agreement, but that is beginning to change as the chains spread.

If Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest men, were to drop a $1000 bill, it would not be worth his time to pick it up. He makes more than that in just 4 seconds from his investments. If he were a country h would be the 37th richest on the planet.

Google is known to have great perks for its employees, including a great gym. They can thank co-founder Sergey Brin for that, he is known to be an obsessive “gym rat”.
The founding of car company Honda is a direct result of its founder, Soichiro Honda, being rejected for an engineering job at Toyota.
You may not know that J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, is actually Joanne Rowling. Her publisher urged her to just her initials J.K. in order to appeal to boy readers as well as girls. She doesn’t have a middle name, by the way, so the K came from her grandmother Kathleen.
Charlie Cheever, the Quora cofounder is an avid gamer and Starcraft player. If you need any tips he shares them on the site.

R.H. Macy, the founder of Macy’s department store, failed in business 7 times before he succeeded with the store we know today. The star in its logo comes from a tattoo he got as a teenager when he worked on the whaling ship, Emily Morgan.

Statistics show that if a small business cannot recover within 10 days of a natural disaster, it probably will not survive. Also, 70% of all small businesses are owned and operated by a single person.

If you’re curious why you see so many Indian entrepreneurs in the U.S it’s not just because they’re smart. It costs about six times as much to start a business in India due to all the regulations than in the U.S.

Candy Crush, a game I play myself, brings in an astonishing $633,000 a day in revenue.

Victoria’s Secret original concept was to be a place where men could feel comfortable shopping for lingerie for their wives. Today, it is the most followed retailer on Instagram.

Ever wonder why the time is always 9:41 am or 9:42 am in Apple product ads? It’s because Apple events start at 9 am and the big product reveals usually happen about 40 minutes into the presentation. In the case of the iWatch, it’s 10:09 am.

The Asia Tiger Funds stock symbol is GRR.

If you think organic personal products maker Tom’s of Maine is independently owned, think again. It’s owned by Colgate-Palmolive.

The First YouTube Video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, featuring its co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. 

Adding /4 to the end of Facebook’s URL will take you to Mark Zuckerberg’s profile.

Here are some interesting, but true facts, that you may or may not have known.

1. The Statue of Liberty’s index finger is eight feet long.
2. Rain has never been recorded in some parts of the Atacama Desert in Chile.
3. A 75-year-old person will have slept about 23 years.
4. Boeing 747’s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother’s first flight.
5. There are as many chickens on earth as there are humans.
6. One type of hummingbird weighs less than a penny.
7. The word “set” has the most number of definitions in the English language; 192 Slugs have four noses.
8. Sharks can live up to 100 years.
9. Mosquitos are more attracted to the color blue than any other color.
10. Kangaroos can’t walk backward.
11. About 75 acres of pizza are eaten in the U.S. every day.
12. The largest recorded snowflake was 15 Inch wide and 8 Inch thick. It fell in Montana in 1887.
13. The tip of a bullwhip moves so fast that the sound it makes is actually a tiny sonic boom.
14. Former president Bill Clinton only sent 2 emails in his entire 8-year presidency.
15. Koalas and humans are the only animals that have fingerprints.
16. There are 200,000,000 insects for every one human.
17. It takes more calories to eat a piece of celery than the celery had in it to begin with.
18. The world’s largest Montessori school is in India, with 26,312 students in 2002.
19. Octopus has three hearts.
20. If you ate too many carrots, you would turn orange.
21. The average person spends two weeks waiting for a traffic light to change.
22. 1 in 2,000,000,000 people will live to be 116 or old.
23. The body has 2-3 million sweat glands.
24. Sperm whales have the biggest brains; 20 lbs.
25. Tiger shark embryos fight each other in their mother’s womb. The survivor is born.
26. Most cats are left pawed.
27. 250 people have fallen off the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
28. A Blue whale’s tongue weighs more than an elephant.
29. You use 14 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. Keep Smiling!
30. Bamboo can grow up to 3 ft in 24 hours.
31. An eyeball weighs about 1 ounce.
32. The largest continent in landmass and population in Asia. Asia has the world’s 60% of the population that accounts for almost 4 billion people.
33. Longest surviving dispute on earth is that between Pakistan and India over Kashmir.
34. Bible was written over a period of 1600 years.
35. The Wright brothers did not invent the airplane. Karl Jatho, John Stringfellow, and Alberto Santos-Dumont all did this before the Wright Brothers.

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